Friday, May 12, 2006

May 4, 2006

Kathy and Rick both had to work, so I had all day to wander around the city and revisit old stomping grounds. And of course to eat more Skyline. After lunch, I wandered around Ludlow, which is a where a lot of cool shops and cafes are located. First I went to Sitwell's, which was my favorite coffee house in college and where I did a majority of my schoolwork as an undergrad. It was in this basement sort of thing (it was once called the Cove, which pretty accurately describes what it looks like). I loved this place, as it was your typical dark, dank, slightly messy, bohemian looking coffee joint, which is my favorite kind of establishment....perfect for sitting alone in a corner and observing, though not necessarily interacting with, other people. So I'm thrilled that Sitwell's still exists, however, they've moved to a new location about a block from their old location, and it's just not the same. It's still cool enough and has a lot of those coffeehouse traits I love. But I miss the old cove. Regardless, I went to Sitwell's for coffee and some journal time. It was lovely. I also took some pictures of Ludlow (though somehow it slipped my mind to get a shot of Sitwell's----duh).

This is the Esquire movie theater, which shows mostly independent films. It's a gorgeous old place.

Here's a cool florist I've always loved. I don't actually think I've ever bought flowers there, but I love that it exists and has purple walls!

Next, I went to my old apartment in Eden Park. It's on the third floor of a great old house, and if you look out the front window of the apartment and stand on your toes, you can see the river!

Next, I went further into Eden Park and up to Mt. Adams and took some pictures of the city from a few choice overlooks. Back in the day, my ex-husband (then fiancee) and I used to walk from this apartment, through Eden Park and up to Mt. Adams to UDF for a cherry cordial ice cream cone and then go sit at one of the overlooks and talk about how pretty we thought the view was. I like these memories.

This looks over the river at the Big Mac Bridge (I-471 Bridge)

Some houses in Mt. Adams in the foreground with downtown and the river in the background:


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