Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Would Leonardo Do?

Ok, ok, I'll read the damn Da Vinci Code. Gawd.

Certain people have been after me for months to read it, and I've been resisting just to be defiant. The funny thing is, I was interested in reading it until people started telling me how "brilliant" it is. So naturally the last thing I wanted to do then was read it. I admit; I hate liking what everyone else likes. It's a weird reflex I have and sometimes I stand by it, but other times I force myself to get over it and hop on the bandwagon, just for a quick ride. And occasionally the masses get it right (Harry Potter, for example).

Now, I already know the basic premise. You'd have to be in a coma not to, as it's being debated and analyzed like crazy right now, as if this book is the first time anyone has ever put forth some of the ideas in the Da Vinci Code. But of course, those ideas are not new and Dan Brown did not invent them himself. So that only leaves plot and writing style for me to explore...and I have a feeling I shouldn't expect brilliance there. Though, there's always the chance I'll be pleasantly surprised.

I read the first few chapters tonight, which isn't really enough for me to critique yet, so I'll wait until I'm further along to bitch about, I mean discuss the book.

Alright...I really will go into this with an open mind and not be such a literature snob.

I have to admit that part of why I'm giving this book a chance is because the Catholic church and Christian conservatives hate it, and that's reason enough for me. Anything that pisses off the church is cool with me.

Updates to come...


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