Thursday, June 22, 2006

Silly Quiz

So I just took an online quiz to see what my major should be (I thought I'd check now after collecting tens of thousands of dollars in student debt for getting a BA and MA in English). Turns out I should be an English major! Huh...who knew? The quiz also says I suck at anything remotely mathematical or scientific. Yep.
Here's what it told me:

You scored as English. You should be an English major! Your passion lies in reading, writing and expressing yourself creatively, and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that interest of yours!


Philosophy 92%

Sociology 83%

Theater 83%

Journalism 75%

Anthropology 58%

Art 58%

Mathematics 50%

Psychology 42%

Engineering 33%

Biology 25%

Chemistry 25%

(created with

Alright, it's definitely time for me to do something more constructive with my day.


At June 22, 2006 8:16 PM, Blogger Marcia said...

Religion/Theology 100%

French/German/Spanish 100%

English/Journalism/Comm 100%

Visual&PerformingArts 100%

Psychology/Sociology 94%

History/Anthropology 94%

HR/BusinessManagement 88%

Education/Counseling 81%

PoliticalScience/Philosophy 69%

Nursing/AthleticTraining 50%

Physics/Engineering 31%

Biology/Chemistry/Geology 25%

Accounting/Finance/Econ 25%

Mathematics/Statistics 25%

Which makes sense since I doubled in Theology and English, and I've taken 6 years of French and 2 of English.

This was actually a pretty rockin' quiz! (I just said Rockin'. Shoot me now.)

At June 23, 2006 8:17 AM, Blogger Marcia said...

And. I meant to say that I've taken 6 years of French and 2 of Hebrew. But I didn't. I suck.

At June 23, 2006 6:54 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Two years of English... You're funny.

At June 23, 2006 9:01 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

Damn you... that shit is addictive! I took that quiz too and it said my top major was Linguistics, then English, which is pretty accurate. I took some of the sexual orientation ones, and they all said I was a lesbian. Odd...


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