Friday, July 07, 2006

Two Months

Exactly two months ago today, I arrived in West Palm Beach. Two months ago tonight, Murphy and I pulled up to my parents' place in my packed, tired car, both of us sleepy, road weary, and more than a little nervous about where we suddenly were and what lay ahead. It's been good and bad. Cathartic and chaotic. Healing and confusing. Mostly, it's been hotter than hell.

Here's what I've done in these two months:
1. started a great job, which I truly love, am good at, and have made my safety zone
2. made several new friends here
3. spent fabulous time with my family
4. re-connected with a couple cherished old friends, via email
5. decided to move to England and have begun the process of making this happen
6. gotten over a recent breakup
7. read a bunch of books
8. created a book club at starbucks
9. totally let go of any residual anxiety over my former job
10. stopped feeling trapped by my own future
11. prepared for my trip to Italy, which begins next Friday. One week from right now, I will be on an airplane en route to Rome!

Also, Murphy has relaxed a lot, learned how to play like a relatively normal dog, and absolutely loves his new buddy, Maggie. Though, of course, he's still Murphy, so he is still uber-mellow and always looks sadder than he really is. But really, I think he's pretty happy.

So here are my goals for the next two months:
1. get a promotion to shift supervisor at work
2. purchase a one-way plane ticket to England for early January
3. read another bunch of books
4. complete a draft of the essay/story I've been working on
5. clean out and wash my car (yes, it could take another two months for me to get around to that)
6. do something with my hair (I love how long it's getting, but it's also driving me a bit crazy)
7. avoid heat stroke and sunburn: a major task down here
8. get my insomnia under control
9. ...and anything else that pops into my head


At July 08, 2006 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like you have accomplished a lot, especially with the break up. keep it up!! You give me hope.


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