Sunday, August 27, 2006

lots of random movies

Absolutely nothing interesting has happened in the past couple days. I haven't had to work since Thursday, and I didn't take a road trip up to St. Augustine but I did sit around and read a lot and watch a bunch of movies on TV. It's actually been quite lovely, as it was the first time I think since I moved down here that I have really let myself do nothing for a couple days. Lately, I feel guilty if I don't accomplish something and get out into the world each day, even if it's only trivial. But not this weekend. Here are some movies I watched on cable this weekend (mostly because I just happened to come across them while flipping through the channels): Friday Night Lights (surprisingly terrific movie; I was impressed and moved), Dave (love it!), Blast from the Past, Soapdish (funnier than you might expect, thanks to Robert Downey Jr. and Kevin Kline), Joe Versus the Volcano (one of my favorites), So I Married an Axe Murderer (funny as hell and one my sister and I quote to each other in conversation constantly), Two Weeks Notice (I don't know why, but I love Hugh Grant), Raising Helen (I didn't want to get any pleasure from this, but it was slightly more entertaining than I thought it would be, despite the intolerable Kate Hudson ), Moulin Rouge (I love Baz Luhrmann, but after several tries, all I can say about this movie is, "eh." Visually, it's beautiful, but that's all it does for me. I still like his Romeo + Juliet way better). I'm sure I watched one or maybe two others that I'm forgetting. Regardless, the point is that I've watched a lot of movies the past couple days, ranging from great to barely tolerable. But I watched them anyway. In my pjs. On the couch. Next to my dog. Totally relaxed.

Also, my mom and I are thinking about going to a movie later this afternoon. Don't know yet what we're going to see, though.

In a different vein, I've added a couple new links to my sidebar here. One is for FOUND Magazine. If you haven't heard of it or been to that site, you must check it out. It's basically a collection of mostly notes and also pictures and such that people have found on the street, in the garbage, in returned library books, etc. Most are hilarious. Some are alarming and a little frightening. Some are sad. Others make no sense at all. But they're all fascinating, and the site (and books/magazines) are addictive.

Well, Murphy needs a walk and I need a diet coke. More later...


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