Thursday, August 17, 2006

more of the same

Well, my mood hasn't improved much over the past few days, so I'm reluctant to write a lot here, for fear that I'll scare away all my readers. Work is good, as always, and I'm fairly certain that our "secret shopper" person (though that isn't what we actually call it at Starbucks) came in today while I was working the espresso bar. I hope so, because everything was perfect: the store was spotless, a few of our chatty regulars were hanging out, and I made a fabulous drink for this person. If this was one of our big tests (we have several each year), I am certain that we scored perfectly. It's a huge deal at Starbucks that we do well on these, and so far--possibly until today--I have not been on duty for any of them.

Honestly, that is the most exciting and positive thing I have to say right now. I'm still cranky and still feel like everything is going to suck forever and I'll end up staying in my parents' spare room until I'm 98 and am wheeled off to a retirement home.

I have a couple days off at the end of next week. Perhaps I'll take a road trip up to St. Augustine. Been meaning to check it out. Lots of history there.

Sigh...that is all for now.


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