Thursday, August 31, 2006

not quite

Ernesto was nothing to be worried about. By the time it reached most of Florida, not only was it not a hurricane, but it had actually dropped down from a tropical storm to a tropical depression, a term that makes me laugh. In my neighborhood, the electricity goes out ridiculously frequently, if there is any wind or rain. So, even without a full-blown hurricane, we were prepared to lose power for a few days. But it never happened. Thankfully.

Starbucks had planned to be closed yesterday but by mid-morning we opened, and I was called in to work last night. We were super busy, since most people weren't at work or school.

And, of course, this means I can go to the Rams/Dolphins game tonight! Yay! I know it's only pre-season, but it's going to be fun anyway. This will be my first football game in an open stadium, as opposed to the dome in St. Louis. You know what would make that even better? If it was snowing during the game, and we had to wear scarves and hats and mittens and all that...and still drink cold beer. (Ok, maybe hot chocolate.) On the other hand, it'll be nice to not get frostbite.

Well, I do have to work for a few hours today, so I better get going for now. I'm sleepy, though, and the only thing motivating me to get into work is fixing myself a perfect cappucino. For free. This is my perfect starbucks drink: double tall, non-fat, one raw sugar, dry cappucino. Dry is the important thing here. That and the double-shot part.


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