Saturday, August 05, 2006

rambling without pictures

Blogger is pissing me off. I'm trying to upload some more pictures, and this damn website won't let me. Something isn't working right. Grumble.

For some reason, I'm still pretty cranky. I think it's the heat. Fortunately, I don't have to work until 7 this evening, so I have all day to get in a better mood, and that will most certainly require leaving the house unless I want to spend the afternoon listening to my dad's many conspiracy theories on 9/11. I'm glad for having liberal parents who despise this administration as much as I do, but dad doesn't always get that I agree with him so he doesn't actually need to spend his time passionately convincing me that the government is corrupt. Thinking about it too much puts me in a super bad mood, whereas he thrives on it. Love him dearly, but I prefer to avoid topics of conversation that make me angry but about which I can control very little.

Since I'm in my room right now, I'm so tempted to take a little mid-day nap. We had hurricane shutters installed on all the windows last week...the accordion kind which you just go outside and pull shut when the time comes. I discovered that my room is incredibly cozy when the shutters outside my window are closed. My room has a large, glass sliding door on one side, leading out to the patio. And because of this, it's almost never completely dark in here. But with the shutters closed, it's like a cave. Might sound creepy, but it has been so cozy and I have slept ridiculously late because of it. None of the other shutters on the house are closed, as there is no need for it right now, but I've kept mine closed since it was installed. It's making me drowsy right now. Or it could be that I was awake until almost 3 am. (I was at home reading, not out doing anything too wild.)

Ok, well, first another attempt at uploading some pics, and then I'm going to skip the nap and get out of here into the sunshine.


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