Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Nothing yet. Ernesto has arrived in Florida and is still a tropical storm, though his plans are still a mystery to everyone and could yet turn into a hurricane (but probably not). He's still southwest of West Palm and may only brush past us, which is good. However, the sky is getting a little darker and the winds are picking up. Nobody really seems to think it's going to turn into anything major, but everyone is taking all precautions just in case. Most businesses are closed. Nobody has to work tomorrow. There isn't much regular television or radio, just reports from local and state administrators and meteorologists. Palm Beach County schools are closed today and tomorrow. Kids are all excited about it, while adults are frantically putting up shutters and planning to hole up for a day or two. It's like a snow day for those of us from the north. But a tropical storm instead of a blizzard. I'd rather have the blizzard, but this is all pretty interesting to me, the relative new-comer to all this.

My book group was supposed to meet to discuss Confederacy of Dunces tomorrow night, but we've postponed that until next Wednesday. This is good since I still have a couple hundred pages left.

I'm supposed to go to a Rams/Dolphins pre-season game down in Miami on Thursday. I hope Ernesto doesn't mess up those plans. Well, and of course I also hope that nobody gets hurt or loses their home or anything like that because of the storm.


At August 30, 2006 9:02 AM, Blogger Marcia said...

I was worried about you! I'm glad that Ernesto didn't turn out to be the crazy storm people were worried about.

And... I'm glad you have more time for the Confederacy of Dunces. I haven't read that in years!


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