Sunday, September 24, 2006

caramel, jager, and football

So remember the lady I blogged about who orders the iced venti caramel macchiato with half a bottle of caramel in it? She's a regular now, and we've all just surrendered to her and we make her drink exactly as she likes it, with no arguments. We smile and make polite conversation with her while we dump the caramel into the bottom of her cup, and all is well. In return, she doesn't act like she wants to kill us.

However, the other day she came in for round one of her sugar fest (she gets two of these drinks each day: one in mid-morning, the other early evening), but this time when my manager handed her the drink, the woman actually complained that there was too much caramel. Shelly had to dump it out and make a new one. Apparently, there is a distinction for this woman's taste palate between half a bottle of caramel and a touch over half a bottle.


After Caramel Lady left, Shelly said, "Well that was unexpected."

On a totally different note, I went to a bar with some friends on Thursday night and only had a couple drinks. I wanted to relax and have fun, but not get in any way drunk, and after drinking two cosmos, I had achieved that perfect state of very happy but totally lucid. Until someone bought me a jager bomb. I didn't realize she was going to do this until she had already purchased it and brought it over to me. Well, I can't seem to turn down a drink someone has bought for me, and I stupidly thought one jager bomb wouldn't possibly cause problems.

Wrong. Terribly wrong. The next day was not pretty.

So please, please, please do not ever buy me a jager bomb, do not allow me to purchase one myself, and if you see anyone else buying one for me, please remove it from my hands. Some of you already know this same rule applies to tequila. Well, now we're adding jager bombs to this list.

Note: this does not include straight jager shots, just the bombs, as it's apparently the addition of red bull that causes unpleasantness.

Everyone promise they'll stick to this? Ok, thanks.

Well, it's football day. More importantly, it's Bengals vs. Steelers day (BIG rivalry, for those of you who live under a rock). And later on, it's Rams vs. Cardinals, which means that--depending on who Arizona puts on the field--it might be a Bulger vs. Warner game. To watch these games, I'm going to the same place that was the site of the jager bomb incident. But I'm sticking with beer today. I suspect most people will be there to watch the Dolphins and Titans, but I'm counting on the other tvs being on other games.


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