Wednesday, October 04, 2006

family values?

Since I live in West Palm Beach and since I love when Republicans screw up, I suppose it's expected that I say something about the former Rep. Mark Foley debacle. I haven't said anything yet because, frankly, I don't think it needs much comment. It's all so pathetic that it's crossed over into humorous (except that there's nothing funny about pedophilia). Foley himself is what's humorous. What an idiot.

But just for kicks, here's his most recent list of reasons he sent inappropriate messages to those boys (expect this list to grow, as Foley and his lawyer add a new pathetic reason every day):

1. He's an alcoholic. Last I heard, alcoholism doesn't actually turn one into a pedophile, but I guess if using this excuse helps him cure his alcoholism, that's one problem solved.

2. He was molested as a child by members of the clergy. I am NOT one to defend clergy, especially of the catholic variety, but I'm just not sure I believe old Mark here. Regardless, this still does not justify his own pedophilia.

3. He's gay. What a loser! Now he's trying to get the gay community to rally behind him for sympathy. That's just what we need...someone else falsely claiming that being gay leads to pedophilia. Yes, thanks for that boost, you republican, focus-on-the-family asshole. He might really be gay, but he might just be using it as a pathetic excuse. Either way, don't try to get the gay community's support here. You know, the group of people he's systematically screwed over with his twisted, hateful conservative agenda and republican legislation.

I wonder what excuse he'll offer next for why he had to go ruin the well-being of several minors.

Asshole. I hope he goes to jail.


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