Saturday, October 28, 2006

great game and a great movie

I'd give anything to have been in St. Louis last night. Not even necessarily at the game, just at a bar or a friend's house in the city. Close enough to hear the cheers and see the fireworks over Busch Stadium. I of course watched the game on tv down here. It was a good time, and lots of text messages were exchanged with some St. Louis friends when we won.


After the game, I watched Prairie Home Companion on DVD, which I never did get around to seeing in the theater. I loved it! If you never listen to the show on NPR, you might like it, but I think it largely appeals to the radio listeners. I say this only because the movie doesn't follow a traditional plot line and incorporates a lot of storytelling and non-sequiturs and is so much more character driven than most movies. Not everyone likes this approach, but the radio show is similar and the kind of people who like the radio show will appreciate these qualities in the movie. I could spend forever listening to Garrison Keillor tell stories. And listening to the music in the movie and on the show. Oh, and Kevin Kline stole the show as Guy Noir with the little hints of his character Otto from a Fish Called Wanda, only sweeter. Funny as hell.

I must buy the movie and the soundtrack!

I wish I had more time to write about the movie and why it touched me the way it did, which goes way beyond the movie or the radio show. But as always, I have to get ready for work. If I have the energy when I get home, I'll write more. But it might have to wait until tomorrow morning.


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