Saturday, November 04, 2006

too groggy for a title

Went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics and mega-strength cough syrup. It seems I just have some vague upper-respiratory infection, something viral. Big relief, since I was certain it was something horrible and exotic and deadly.

While waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, I went across the street to Target, where I bought the cutest slippers with ladybugs on them:

They have definitely helped me feel better.

Also, yesterday morning I called my manager at work and told her I what was going on. She was in the middle of the morning rush and said she'd call back. So I turned on a movie, got snuggly under some covers with the dogs around me, and took a loooooong medicine-induced nap. When I woke, I realized I hadn't heard back from work, so I figured I needed to be there as scheduled, which really depressed me. But I got ready and dragged my ass in. They all looked at me like I was a ghost. Apparently, they had found someone to cover my shift, and each person thought the next person had called to let me know. It didn't matter to me that nobody had called. I was just thrilled that I could turn around and go back home.

I went home and put on my new slippers and some pjs again and stayed inside all night. Looking back at my sick-day wish list from yesterday, I managed to get everything on it! Except for the soup, but that was by choice (I changed my mind on that one).

Since I'm all doped up on meds now and feel like death isn't quite as near as it was yesterday, I'm going to work tonight. But I'm going to stay on register or doing things in the back room, as I don't think I should be making drinks for people.

In the meantime, rain is pouring down outside, I have the house to myself, and the dogs are looking especially floppy and snuggly right now. So I'm going to get under blankets and read for a while.

Who am I kidding? I'm going to fall asleep again.


At November 10, 2006 7:52 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

Aaaww, cute geriatric slippers!


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