Tuesday, December 12, 2006

stupid complaint/observation

So many people---even incredibly smart people---misspell the word 'definitely' that I actually had a moment of doubt today about its spelling. It's a trend I've noticed a lot lately. People spell it 'definately' all the time. My students used to do it (and probably still do, despite my efforts) and people do it all over the internet. Finally, today I actually wondered if I was the one misspelling it, because surely so many people can't be that wrong that often. So I looked it up at encarta.com:

1. certainly: without a doubt. "He definitely had a Swedish accent."
2. finally and unchangeably: as a conclusion after some thought or hesitation. "Once she had definitely decided to go, she started packing."
3. exactly: in a precise way. "Without knowing definitely what it was, he just felt that something was wrong."

Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm right. Everyone in the world spells this simple word incorrectly. There is no 'A' in this word, people!!!! No matter how much you want to put one there, 'A' does not belong in this word.


Needed to get this off my chest, because of course I am perfect. (Just ignore the copious misspellings in my previous couple entries.)


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