Wednesday, December 06, 2006

wednesday blah

I know I need to post something new here, but I don't feel like it. So I'm going to post this update about how I don't feel like writing a real update. I took five days off work last week and this weekend, because Kathy came down for a visit, which was wonderful. But now that she's back in Cincinnati and we're both back at work, I'm in a post-fun slump. I hate that I live so far from my oldest, closest friend.

However, we did have a great time during her visit. We went to a Polynesian restaurant, which was so kitschy and outrageous and fun. And of course we also spent much time on the beach, at the nearby tiki bar, and going out to some of my hangouts here. It was fun for me to experience where I've been living, but through a vacationer's remember that while I bitch and moan about living here (because it will never be my paradise, as it is for many others) some people pay lots of money to come here for vacation. Plus, Kathy really does love the south florida climate, so I know she was happy for a break from early winter temps up north.

Mostly, it was fun just to have much-needed time goofing off with Kathy.

But now...back to work and the usual stuff.


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