Monday, March 26, 2007

just a few miles to go

I swear, I will be a better blogger again soon. So much is happening right now, and any spare time I have is spent on preparing to move. But for now, here is what's going on:

The move is still happening. In fact, I have a roommate and place to live all lined up. I'm renting from a cool lady who owns a home in Santa Fe and already has one roommate. I'll be number three in the house, with my own bedroom and bathroom. Murphy is welcome there, and I'm certain we'll love it.

After four phone interviews over the course of three weeks, I was officially offered the job as merchandising supervisor at Borders in downtown Santa Fe. I'm super excited about this because I'm sure it'll be interesting and will let me meet lots of people. Also, I'm ecstatic about the various discounts, perks, and benefits. Now, as I said earlier, my long-term goal is to get back into teaching, but that isn't something that can happen overnight. Hopefully, I might be able to pick up class or two as an adjunct at the community college in the fall, in addition to my job at Borders. But a full-time college teaching job is hard to score and requires time and patience. In the meantime, I'm excited about my new job.

I tried to give my two weeks at Starbucks the other day, though it was over a month ago when I first mentioned I'd be going sometime in early April. However, the current manager, who is really only a substitute manager from another district while the real one (who is a good friend of mine) is on maternity leave, has also just found out she is pregnant---and it wasn't planned. At all. Plus, she is finally learning that this store is a monster and that the problems there aren't because the current and previous staff were incapable but rather because the customers and volume are unpredictable, relentless, and unpleasant. And also our DM won't get off his ass and do his job to help out. So the current/sub/now-pregnant manager really doesn't have her heart in her job right now, and just before I tried to give her my official notice the other day, she said she was sick and took off early, leaving the store before I could talk to her. This is the way it normally goes around there lately: absentee manager. All I could do at the time was go back to the scheduling calendar and write, "Heather's Last Day" on Friday, April 6. I told my co-assistant manager yesterday so that someone else in charge knows what's happening, but I still haven't been able to get a couple minutes with the manager herself.

Also, on the planning front, I've mapped my drive west and it's going to be a long one. Four 7ish-hour days, three nights. I could have done three longer days, but I wanted to space it out some more, for the sake of enjoyment and safety. My hotels along the way are booked, and I'll get to Santa Fe early evening on Thursday the 12th. Just three weeks shy of one year after I arrived down here.

Can't wait!!!!


At March 26, 2007 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting. Good Luck.

I am glad that you are a responsible dog owner and take your dog with you. Just not up and leave him b/c you are moving and it would be inconvient. Kuddos to you and Murphy!

At March 26, 2007 11:10 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Of course Murphy is coming with me! That was not up for debate. Would someone leave their child behind? It would be just as unthinkable for me to leave my dog behind.

It took me longer to find a place to live because so many people wouldn't accept a tenant with a dog. It's funny that more people are willing to take cats but not dogs, as dogs are far less destructive than most cats (I've had both). Dogs don't claw at furniture, drapes, and carpet. Dogs--when trained right--don't bark or crap in the house. Cats, on the other hand, need indoor litterboxes which, no matter how often they are changed and cleaned, always leave even a faint odor. I love cats, but I've always found dogs to be much cleaner pets. Any landlord who allows cats but not dogs surely has never had either.

Anyway, did you think someone who named her blog after her dog would move across the country without him? :)


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