Monday, April 09, 2007

time to go

Today I leave Florida. Everything is packed into my car, Murphy is nervous, my mom is crying, and my sister is just barely holding it together herself. I'm excited as hell, but right now I'm anxious because I hate how sad the people around me look--even though they too are happy for me. Also, just to add another touch of anxiety to my moving day, I have to stop at the dentist on my way out of town so he can check how I'm healing after the big procedure last week.

Then I'm on my way.

It's weird to see my room all emptied out of my belongings. The furniture is still here, but my own things aren't. It looks blank and I guess it's not my room anymore.

Ok, not enough time to write more now. I have to get myself ready to go--shower, etc. And the final goodbyes are about to happen. Probably won't have internet access until Friday, but by then I'll be in my new home with four days of travelling to talk about.


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